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Running barefoot

  • ✔ Increase your performance
  • ✔ Prevent injuries
  • ✔ More variety for your training

Luna Sandals as an essential training tool.
Start from the bottom again.

Look at your running shoes. Look at Lunas. Then look at your running shoes again. Feel there’s something missing? We don’t think so. But we’re different anyway, as we believe that your most important piece of running equipment isn’t your shoes. It’s your feet. Which explains why Lunas look the way they do. Their main purpose is the protection of your sensitive sole. The minimal setup of the Luna helps you to strengthen your feet and ankles. Unfortunately though, Lunas are not the Holy Grail of runners. Because they don’t want to be. They’re an alternative for training, and you should take your time to get used to your new flat friend. If you do, the Lunas will reward you richly. With a strong foot, better performance and fewer injuries.

Take a look at our cherished
running sandals Venado MGT,
Mono MGT and Oso!

I first felt the effect at the 24-hour run World Championship in Turin 2015, although I wore my running shoes. Normally I struggle with foot and calf muscle problems but not in Turin. I had good and stable ankles. Just try it!"

Heike Bergmann, German National 24-Hour Run Team

"For long distances and races in difficult terrain I need cushioned shoes. Nevertheless, Lunas help me to preserve a natural running style in training...."

Michael Arend, Winner Zugspitz Ultratrail

"My feet had to endure a lot in life but with Lunas they are spoiled. I wear Lunas every day. Let’s forget everything else called running shoe."

Joachim Rückerl, German Half Marathon Champion>