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Travelling barefoot

  • ✔ Versatile
  • ✔ Space-saving
  • ✔ Indestructible

Luna Sandals as travel companions.
Where do you want to go?

Kick them. Abuse them. Let them eat dust and stones. And call them names. Lunas don’t care how you treat them. They’re not called adventures sandals for nothing. But not adventure as in: pretty brave to wear them. But as in: ready for adventure. Mountain tours? Rumble in the jungle? Or just running away from bears in the Rockies? No problem. The Luna is the perfect platform for every surface - lightweight, space-saving and at home in any terrain.


Your perfect travel companion.
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"Thanks to my Luna Sandals I can reduce my luggage dramatically. Hiking shoes, flip-flops and city sneakers are now redundant. For two years now I wore Luna Sandals 90% of the time – it’s usually travel to summery regions. The best "shoes" I've ever had."

Nico Richter, founder and author of Paleo 360

"It’s important to me that my travel and adventure sandals work in the city and also in the field. The style and durability of Luna Sandals convinced me right from the start!"

Henrik Morkel, Journalist & author of  Hiking in Finland

"To enjoy carefree travel, we’re no keen on unnecessary ballast. A reduced equipment shouldn’t mean sacrifices in safety and comfort but must be light, reliable and versatile. Just like our Lunas"

Sebastian Bönner, ultralight specialist and blog author  Beuteltiere