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Training barefoot

  • ✔ Increase your performance
  • ✔ Prevent injuries
  • ✔ More variety for your training

Want to gain a foothold?
Luna Sandals as a training tool.

It doesn’t matter what sport you're into, as long as you’re using your feet. Shooting, standing or walking - your feet are always the foundation. So put on your football kicks. But make sure your feet are strong. They provide protection against injuries and push your performance. Wear your Lunas at the beach or when you fetch the morning paper. They’ll train your feet with every step and help you lay the foundation for a stronger body. Others might call it smart training. We call it: everyday.

A solid foundation?
These Lunas will help.

"There are enormous forces in football. Strong feet are the best insurance against injuries. I work with my Lunas in training to strengthen my feet."

Marc Hornschuh, professional football player, 1. FC St. Pauli

"I work with people with very different performance levels. The one thing that’s important to all of them: a sound basis, beginning with a strong foot......"

Toni Hackmann, Personal Coach and founder of StrongandFlexTV