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Born to Run

  • A forgotten tribe
  • and the secret of the best and
  • happiest runners in the world.

The sandal from the bestseller Born to Run.
How a book became a sandal.

Beware! This sandal could change your life. Just like the book that gave life to Luna Sandals: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. The book tells the story of Manuel Luna, a Tarahumara, who makes sandals from car tires. And of Barefoot Ted McDonald, who takes the craft to Seattle and develops a modern Haurache sandal. The New York Times called Born to Run a "life-changing book". Sounds familiar?

Born to Run

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"I came to unravel the ultimate mystery of modern sport and discovered an age-old wisdom: We are all born to run."

Christopher McDougall, Author Born to Run

"Ever since Christopher McDougall's Born to Run was published in America, it’s been a personal tip among runners. Now the novel disguised as a nonfiction book is available in German. And it’s so readily absorbed by those familiar with the matter, as if it was a marathon result list. You could call Born a page turner - a book you read in one go and put back on the shelf once you’re finished. This is partly because reading runners generally swarm over everything that has to do with their sport, and is not a boring fitness guide or a narcissistic life confession. Then again, Born to run is just as inspiring as it’s funny."

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2010