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Barefoot in Luna Sandals

  • ✔ Being barefoot promotes health and well-being
  • ✔ Structural problems are frequently caused by feet
  • ✔ Discover your innate ability to walk barefoot again

Barefoot in Luna Sandals.
How’s your footing, good looking?

Osteopaths, martial artists and yogis know: a strong body needs a healthy foundation. But how do you achieve it? By strengthening the feet. Sounds too much like hard training? Well, just walk on by. But wear Luna sandals when doing so. Thanks to their simple construction they strengthen the foot with every step. Pretty good idea, since the feet cause many structural ailments. This way to health, please!

See your feet in Luna Sandals?

Try our Venado MGT.

"If barefoot running is just a trend, it started two million years ago and will continue in the future."

Prof. Daniel E. Lieberman, Professor of Palaeontology and Biology, Harvard University

"I deal with people who complain about foot problems on a daily basis. Young and old, men and women, active and leisure. The reasons for their trouble are manifold: muscular hip- and leg axis instability or reduced joint mobility. And sometimes it’s just untrained foot muscles. The training with Lunas on trails presents an opportunity
..., to tackle this deficit.
..., to work against it in a natural way.
..., to make training more functional."

Dr. phil. Jens Wippert physiotherapist Spiraldynamik® expert, elementhera, Munich

"The ability to cover long distances walking and running was once a selective advantage for humans and is part of our evolutionary heritage. The modern, materialistic thinking person rather relies on the technology provided by the sports industry, ignoring the achievements of millions of years of evolution. Our musculoskeletal system has been perfected over millions of years and without the high technology of the last 50 years."

Emanuel Bohlander, Barefoot-Academy, Dusseldorf