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  • ✔ Uncompromising quality for highest demands
  • ✔ Each sandal is uniquely handmade
  • ✔ Handmade by happy People

Best quality, handmade.
If Made in China sounds double Dutch to you.

Lunas are made by Barefoot Ted and his Luna Monkeys in Seattle. Wait a sec - monkeys? Oh yes. They are happy people and handcraft the sandals. But their work isn’t totally bananas.

Luna Sandals are made of a robust Vibram sole with grip and a hand-sewn, indestructible lacing system (ATS), which has been tested on trails around the world. The yellow plug from weapon-grade plastic is bulletproof and keeps the ATS in the sole.

This way to our sandals.

"When we produce Luna sandals in our small factory in Seattle, we’re in the same state of mind as surfers who build a surfboard. As simple as possible, but still functional. The best thing about our sandals is that they adapt to their owner. Like a pair of jeans they get better with use."

Barefoot Ted McDonald, founder LUNA Sandals

"I can confirm that Luna Sandals are durable. I already finished 139 marathons in Luna Sandals. I love my pair of Venados: I used them for more than 3,000 kilometers."

Ralf Vollmer, long distance runner and competitor in more than 300 marathons