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Luna Mono with Goat Leather Footbed

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Product description:

Keeps on running, and running and running...

If you want to head out on the pavement or cruise along gentle trails, then our Mono is the perfect choice for you. With its softer, slightly thicker sole, this indestructable, all-around sandal makes your feet feel as though they are bare naked, tip toeing through a soft bed of tulips on a fine summer day - whatever the ground has to offer - from asphalt to gravel roads and beyond.

The Mono isn‘t afraid of getting down and dirty!

Its soft 12 milimeter thickness lends you a higher perspective from which to survey the lay of the land. After you have broken them in, the Mono will take on the form of your foot and offers a sensation akin to being barefoot, but without the nasty, pointy rocks to spoil your day.

The Mono is your all-day sandal. Straight from the bed to the breakfast table. To work. Out to lunch. For an afternoon walk. For a nice evening stroll with that special someone. To Berlin for a half marathon. To the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand. To coffee and cake at 1500 meters above sea-level. Aw heck, you get the point! Run wherever your little heart desires - the Mono has the right profile for you.

Mono with the goat leather footbed.

Don‘t sweat it! On hot days, you will especially love the Mono with the moisture absorbing qualities of the goat leather footbed. As your feet warm up in the heat of the battle, this footbed becomes even more comfortable. Give it a go!

The Mono keeps its promises.

Simply slip your foot into the ATS (All Terrain Strapping), pull the heel strap up and you are on your way! However, if you want to explore unchartered territory you may need a little more support, and therefore we have developed an additional removable velcro ‚Tech Strap‘ designed to keep your foot secure, especially when the going gets rougher, more vertical and more technical.

The ATS strapping system is made to be highly adjustable to conform to the individuality of your foot. Not only can you adjust the snugness of the fit, but the position of the foot on the sandal as well, moving it forward or backward to find just the right fit for you. Once you‘ve found your 'sweet spot‘ the Mono will remember it.

Tech Strap included! All ATS Laced LUNAs come standard with Tech Straps now! LUNA Tech Straps are patent pending add-on ankle straps that helps keep your heel straps and ankle secure. It's the final piece of an ultra-secure puzzle meant to keep your foot in place on slippery, hilly, and otherwise technical terrain.