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Luna Oso

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Product description:

At Home Out and About

Broken head gasket during an African safari? A stubborn donkey in the Peruvian Andes? End of the trail in the Erz Mountains? Great! The Oso picks up where even the road less traveled leaves off. This is your new All-Terrain-Vehicle that will leave your daily problems in the dust.

Admittedly, the Oso was a long time in the making, but after thorough and rigorous testing we arrived at an amazing result: A world exploration sandal with a light, but robust sole for the professional adventure seekers among us. The newly developed ATS/OSO offers incredible security in the roughest of terrain. In short, the Oso will be your new best friend in any environment - except maybe at the Arctic Circle - a no go for the Oso.

Four Wheel Drive for your Feet

Feeling like just a bit more? The 14mm sole will give you the upper hand if you should happen upon a real bear on one of your adventures. Even lurking tacks and pins in the jungle of the office environment are no longer a problem.

Even as robust as it is, the Oso isn‘t as heavy as you might think. A pair of Osos in size 9 weighs only 350 grams. The midsole on Its new 3 layered sole system is made out of a very light material which will mould itself comfortably to the shape of your foot.

In contrast, the outsole is one tough mother: Tough enough to protect you from sharp rocks, thorny plants and a myriad of other obstacles like sabor-toothed tigers and sandal-loving Labrador puppies.

Even the most unruly of boulders are humbled before the multi-directional tread profile of the Oso. The Oso is the sandal for all environments - even those which you haven‘t yet imagined!


Simply slip your foot into the ATS (All Terrain Strapping), pull the padded heel strap up and you are on your way! However, if you want to explore unchartered territory you may need a little more support, and therefore we have developed an additional removable velcro ‚Tech Strap‘ designed to keep your foot secure, especially when the going gets rougher, more vertical and more technical.

The ATS strapping system is made to be highly adjustable to conform to the individuality of your foot. Not only can you adjust the snugness of the fit, but the position of the foot on the sandal as well, moving it forward or backward to find just the right fit for you. Once you‘ve found your 'sweet spot‘ the Oso will remember it.


For sure a Home Out and About sandal comes with a footbed, that is prepared for all weather conditions: The Luna Sandals MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) footbed.